Calendar of Events:

Date Activity Location Time
Friday, January 30th JV / V BBB @ Sawyer Sawyer 5:45 / 7:15 pm
Monday, February 2nd JV / V GBB @ Berthold Berthold 5:45 / 7:15 pm
Tuesday, February 3rd JV / V BBB vs. TGU Westhope 5:45 / 7:15 pm
Thursday, February 5th JH BBB vs. MLS Newburg 4:00 pm
Thursday, February 5th JV / V GBB @ Rolette Rolette 5:45 / 7:15 pm
Friday, February 6th JV / V BBB vs. Velva Westhope 5:45 / 7:15 pm
Saturday, February 7th JV / V GBB @ Surrey Surrey 1:30 / 3:00 pm

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Westhope School Mission Statement

The mission of the Westhope Public School is to foster kindness, responsibility and integrity in each student and provide the edu-cational opportunities to create productive citizens in our society.
No Child Left Behind
Each year our school is rated on it's achievement in NCLB. Our school is provided with an Annual Yearly Progress Report based on a number of criteria including standardized test scores.
Click here to view the Westhope Public School AYP for the
2013-14 school year.
General Information on the NCLB program can be found here.